My Sister's Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

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"This is what happened for me between the summer of 95 and May of 96. This system works like they say and the weight has stayed off!"

Ann Warren
Key West Florida

Ann had a weight problem all her life..she dieted many times, trying everything, from doctors' shots, to fad diets.. even Weight Watchers..always struggling to lose the weight, and when she did manage to lose weight she would be exhausted, and her hips were still wide and her face would sag!
BUT, this time, her face tightened up, and her hips slimmed down!
Our weight control products simply help one to have better health while losing weight!

How did she do it?

Even though she was very physically active renovating our Mom's big old Conch house in Key West, Florida, actually hanging dry wall -- she could not lose the weight! She was getting plenty of exercise doing so much labor back in the summer and fall of 1995. She was going to bed exhausted and waking up exhausted. But-- she was staying fat!

Our mom, living up in Jacksonville, Florida, at the time, had noted when we went to visit her how slim Roy and I had become. She even remarked that I no longer had any cellulite! So I told her about the Tri-Lite and gave her some samples. Mom loved the energy! So she started taking it too. She felt so sorry for Ann's weight and energy struggle that she asked me to send Ann some Tri-Lite, also. I threw in theFibre System Plus, which is really beneficial for the colon, kidneys, liver and helps the Tri-Lite start working faster. So Ann started taking the Tri-Lite packets in November.

By February, 1996 she was on a "plateau", that is, not losing any more weight for a few weeks, but down to a size 10 and she was thrilled!!... We told her not to buy too many new clothes just yet, because she would be shedding more inches..Yes, the weight loss started up again as she continued to take the Tri-Lite. And in May, 1996, she was in a size 6 !!! That's when she finally took her "After" photo above.

--Here it is, February, 2002 and she is still slim and -- healthier and prettier than ever!
In fact, she has started a new career, that of singing at the Hukilau in Key West, Florida! When you vacation in Sunny Key West she'd love to have you hear her sing.
You can contact her at or, write us at

We'd be happy to hear from you, too.
P.S. Mom lost weight, too -- 42 pounds!

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Fibre Systems Plus has 30 packets of capsules containing many natural herbs which aid in colon, liver, kidney and blood cleansing. Also it helps to heal damaged mucuous membranes of the digestive tract, and clear up skin breakout problems. Many people lose 2 - 6 pounds of toxic weight in the first week of just using Fibre Systems Plus alone! Only 21.95 wholesale.

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